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We, the officials, realizing that our actions and decisions as judges, etc., reflect on the good name of the sport of bodybuilding, and realizing the responsibility thereby placed upon us, pledge ourselves:

1. To apply honestly, impartially, and objectively all rules controlling the competition.

2. To safeguard the interests of all competitors on equal terms.
3. To cooperate in providing the best possible conditions for the competitions for the benefit of the competitors, officials, and administrators.

4. To respect the feelings and competitive drive of the bodybuilders, and to make allowances for their heightened emotions in the heat of competition.

5. To respect the requirements of an effective administration and to cooperate willingly and promptly with the officially-appointed administrators.

6. To cooperate with the controllers of the competitions by rendering decisions clearly and promptly and in accordance with the requirements of the competition or judging procedure.
7. To refrain from attempting to influence the decisions of other judges or officials, and to respect their individual opinions and decisions.

8. To honor the special trust conferred on us by our selection as judges or officials, and to adhere to the standards of personal conduct expected of us.

9. To cooperate with our bodybuilders and administrators in the development of high standards, both moral and physical, for the sport of bodybuilding and in the progressive furtherance of the aims of NABBA.