Pro Division Regulations 2014
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NABBA Pro Division | © NABBA International 2014

1. Definitions
a) NABBA means "National Body-builders' Association"
b) NABBA United Kingdom ("NABBA UK") is the parent organisation of NABBA.
c) NABBA International is the worldwide governing body under the auspices of the NABBA UK.
d) A professional body-builder is defined as a body-builder who has earned and accepted a NABBA professional license as defined under these regulations.
e) A NABBA professional license may also be known as a "pro card."
f) Governing body means any legal entity sanctioned by NABBA UK and NABBA International to trade under the name NABBA in its home state, province, territory, district, country or other applicable geographical division as approved by NABBA UK and NABBA International.
2. Competitions
a) NABBA competitions are open to amateur body-builders and, where applicable, professional body-builders.
b) Any class at an approved competition where a place getter may be eligible for a professional licence must be judged by a panel of no fewer than nine (9) international judges and in accordance with Part 3.
c) Once a panel has reached a determination such determination will be notified:
i. verbally by announcement to the body-builder, and
ii. by award to the body-builder.
d) All decisions made by the judging panel, once notified, will be final and binding. No body-builder shall have any recourse to appeal a decision of a judging panel once notified.
e) An award may include, but not be limited to, a trophy, a medallion, a statue, a bowl, a plate, a sash and/or any other commemorative item denoting the year, competition class and name of the sanctioned competition.
3. The Judging Panel
a) At an international competition a judging panel must be comprised of no fewer than nine (9) individuals including a separate senior/head judge for men's and women's classes.
b) 50% plus one (1) of the judges must be from governing bodies separate and distinct from one another. To avoid doubt, where a panel consists of nine (9) judges at least five (5) of the judges must be provided by governing bodies separate and distinct from the other four (4) judges. This means that while four (4) judges may be provided by the host governing body, the other five (5) judges must be provided by five (5) other non-host governing bodies.
c) Judging criteria shall be determined and published by NABBA UK and NABBA International from time to time.
4. Professional Licences (Pro Cards)
a) A Professional Licence shall also be known as a Pro Card.
b) A Pro Card may only be awarded to an eligible body-builder who has competed in and won their relevant height class at an applicable NABBA sanctioned international level body-building competition.
c) Applicable international competitions shall be:
i. NABBA Universe Championships also known as the NABBA Mr Universe;
ii. NABBA World Championships also known as the NABBA Mr World; and,
iii. Any other approved competition as notified by NABBA International from time to time.
d) A Pro Card for the proposes of these regulations and NABBA competitions worldwide shall be understood to have been awarded immediately upon satisfaction of clause b) and c) above.
e) Once a Pro Card has been awarded the body-builder must accept the Pro Card by registering as a professional with NABBA within 12 months of being awarded the Pro Card, or as otherwise advised by NABBA International, using the prescribed form set out in these regulations as Appendix 1.
f) Once a body-builder accepts a Pro Card they must actively compete in a NABBA professional competition within 2 years of the date of acceptance.
g) In the event that a body-builder does not compete in a NABBA professional competition within 2 years of accepting their pro card then the body-builder's status within NABBA shall automatically revert to "amateur" for the purposes of competition.
h) If, through extraordinary circumstances, a body-builder is unable to compete in a NABBA professional competition within 2 years of accepting their pro card then this deadline may be extended but only by written application to NABBA International and with signed approval from the body-builder's national, or equivalent, president or representative.
i) NABBA International in its unfettered discretion shall determine whether a body-builder's application for an extension of this deadline shall be granted.
j) No professional body-builder shall be allowed to compete as an amateur or in any NABBA competition designed only for amateur body-builders unless:
i. They relinquish their pro card in writing to NABBA International.
ii. A time period of no less than 6 months has expired since their last professional competition.
k) Professional competitions or amateur competitions offering professional classes must be conducted in strict accordance with these regulations.
l) NABBA International and NABBA UK have exclusive rights to sanction any professional competition conducted in accordance with these regulations.
m) An official record of all professional body-builders shall be kept by NABBA International.
n) Only NABBA International has the authority to grant or revoke pro cards.
5. Registration
a) Unless otherwise determined by NABBA International, all eligible body-builders must complete a professional registration form, hereto annexed to this document as Appendix 1, in order to be recorded as a NABBA Professional Body-builder.
b) NABBA may charge a registration fee to a professional body-builder. Such fee shall be determined by NABBA International from time to time and published via applicable websites, social media, e-mail, and/or in writing by any other method.
c) All professional body-builders must register and, where applicable, pay all outstanding dues to NABBA International prior to competing as a professional.
d) Unless otherwise determined by NABBA International, any body-builder who has not registered and/or paid outstanding dues shall be deemed ineligible to compete as a NABBA professional.
6. Prize Money
a) Competition organisers, promoters and/or governing bodies must offer prize money for all professional competitions under their immediate administration.
b) Prize money must be offered for at least the first, second and third place getters within a professional class.
c) Prize money shall be in the form of a standard currency, either the Euro Dollar or the British Pound, but may be paid out in an equivalent value to the body-builder in their native currency. For instance, a South Korean body-builder may choose to be paid the equivalent prize money value in South Korean won instead of Euro or Pounds.
d) Prize money must be offered on a sliding scale not exceeding 1:0.75 and not less than 1:0.5. To avoid doubt, if a first place getter receives €10,000 then the second place getter cannot receive more than €7,500 and not less than €5,000 and the third place getter cannot receive more than 5,625 and not less than €2,500.
7. International Regions
a) NABBA International is divided into the following four (4) regions being:
i. Europe
ii. Africa
iii. America
iv. Asia and Oceania
b) In addition to the Universe Championships and the World Championships, governing bodies within the above four (4) regions may conduct competitions that include a professional class or classes that encompass their region.
c) The following names are approved for international use:
i. European Championships
ii. African Championships
iii. Pan-American Championships
iv. Asia-Pacific Championships
d) Notwithstanding clause c), NABBA International and NABBA UK may approve other names for sanctioned competitions so long as the approval is sought:
i. in writing; and,
ii. not less than nine (9) months prior to the scheduled date of the competition.
NABBA International and NABBA UK shall approve any application for sanctioned professional competitions on such terms as it sees fit.
e) Each of the competitions noted in clause c) or as applicable in accordance with clause d) may take place once only within a calendar year and not less than nine months apart from one another across two calendar years. For example, if the European Championships are held in March of a certain year then the earliest they can be held again is in January of the following year.
f) If a governing body, promoter or competition organiser wishes to conduct a competition with a professional class that encompasses a geographical division not noted in clause a) it must seek approval from NABBA International in accordance with clause d).
g) Clause f) shall apply in all cases except where a competition is to be held within the United Kingdom. In such a case clause f) shall apply save that a reference to NABBA International shall be read as NABBA UK.











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