3. - 5. of June 2005        Solingen / Germany

Oh, what a good feeling ! Top-Bodybuilding Champions from nearly every nation in Europe met in Solingen, 15 km from Düsseldorf Airport. The fantastic hall called "Theater- und Konzerthaus" in Solingen was big and extremely positive for athletes and the enthusiastical audience. The stage, the light and music were excellent.

Best teams came from Poland, Holland, Czech, UK, Greece, Russia and France. Never before we had such a high standard at  European Championships in NABBA. Only the legendary  57th ´Universe´ in Southport / UK / 8th of October 2005  can and will top this quality.

11 judges from 11 nations had a real stressful  job, but they did it very well.

The absolute top-point was the fight for the MEN-OVERALL-TITLE. An unbelievable atmosphere in this moment. The hall was shaking.

After a lot of comparisons Holland-Star Hedwig Parden won this title, bended one´s   knees full of emotions and thanked God for his great success.

Anyway this contest nobody will forget. First class promotion for our beloved Bodybuilding !