17. - 19. of June 2005          Natal / Brazil        

Natal / Brazil     

It was not a usual "WORLD", it was a "DREAM".
NABBA Brazil offered a location and an event, nobody will forget in his whole life. Everybody who went over to nice Natal, which is one of the oldest and most traditional cities, will plan future holidays in this beautiful region of Brazil. For sure. The climate was around 30°. Good for beach and swimming pool. Splendid tropical food and drinks were offered. Total dreamland not only for bodybuilders.

If there are natural paradises on earth, this part of Brazil is one of them. Not to forget the friendly and engaged Brazil people, who did a superb job for 24 hours. We are sure that many of us will have some problems being back in reality actually.


The "WORLD" 2005 was a total success. A lot of new countries enjoyed the NABBA federation especially from South America. Most of their athletes didn´t  make the finals, excluding Brazil, of course, but have now first experiences with the quality of  NABBA and promised to send teams to the legendary 57th NABBA Universe on the 8th of October in Southport / UK, which will be the best in history.

Before we look to the Results and the Pictures, a final
"Thank you very much"
to NABBA Brazil for the perfect organization and this extraordinary event. Anyway it is only a question of a short time and we come back to Brazil for another "World".

Now we look forward to see the best Bodybuilders in Southport / UK. We expect fantastic Line-ups at the ´Universe´, including the Brazilians, who treat "Bodybuilders like Gods".